5 Benefits of Digital Signage for your Small Business

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5 Benefits of Digital Signage for your Small Business

When people think of digital signage, they think of big retail brands, like Macy’s, Walmart, Target, etc. The big brands realize the significant benefits of having digital signage in their retail space. You have seen their beautiful displays that tell you about their sales, products, and hours of operation.

You may think as a small business, you do not have the budget to take advantage of digital signage. This could not be further from the truth. There are many affordable options available to a small business owner to take advantage of all the benefits that a digital signage campaign can provide.

Digital signage is not only applicable to retail businesses, it can also be implemented for restaurants, Dr’s offices, Insurance offices, schools, churches, the funeral industry, etc. The list goes on and on for the types of businesses that can really benefit from digital signage. Small businesses should not let the digital medium pass them by. Here are some benefits that digital signage can provide your business.

1: Brand Awareness

Digital imagery gets your business noticed. Having engaging content on a screen will grab the attention of new and existing customers. People are more likely to remember what they saw on a screen than what they read on traditional mediums like print ads, or flyers.

You can tell your business’s story more effectively using a digital screen. Potential customers can really learn about your business’s culture, and values, which can convert them into customers. 

2: Increased Customer Engagement

A potential customer is 80% more likely to enter your store or business if a digital sign is prominently displayed in front of your business.

This will undoubtedly pique the interest of curious shoppers, who may not know what your business has to offer. This type of engagement can lead to potential sales, and potential repeat customers. If the engagement process is seamless and helpful, a customer is more likely to return and patronize your business, thus increasing the ROI of your digital signage investment. 

3: Enhanced Customer Experience

Imagine if you were a customer and every time you went to a store or business you felt as though your time was valued, and you were engaged in a positive and impactful manner. This can be achieved with digital signage strategically placed in your business.

If you have a store, you can have information displayed to help your customers readily. This can be information about a sale, store policy, or even product information. This can save your customers and employee’s valuable time during the purchasing experience. A customers wait time is also perceived to be shorter if they are engaged with digital imagery while they wait online at your register, or in a waiting room setting. 

4: Impulse Sales Opportunities

Customers will often be receptive to an unplanned purchase if there is visual encouragement. 20% of impulse sales are made with the assistance of digital signage as per industry expert David Bawarsky. That can lead to significant growth in your business’s revenue. Without those impulsive sales, you will be literally leaving money on the table. 

5: Grow your Social media presence

You can grow your social media presence with digital signage by displaying your social media feeds in your business. You can encourage customers to follow your business on social media to receive discounts, product launch info, and any upcoming events that they may be interested in. I think we can all agree having a robust social media presence is vital to surviving and flourishing in today’s competitive marketplace. 

It is very clear that digital signage can only help your business expand. It increases your brand awareness, foot traffic, positive customer experiences, and it directly impacts your company’s ability to drive revenue. It is more affordable than you may think. I don’t think businesses can afford not to implement digital signage in their overall marketing strategy.

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